NK Logistics

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience in the logistical part of a production proces we understand the importance of a delivery with the right care, dedication and attention of your finished product. From small packages to extensive international project with transports by road, air of by sea we know that the quality is determined by a timely delivery.

We have gained our knowledge and experience by operating orders for SME’s which lead to structural cooperation for multinationals, where next to speed our flexibilty and performance ratio were most appreciated.

NK Logistics is your logistical partner, specialist in transporting of various goods. With our complete package of products and services we can offer you tailor made solutions in both national and international transport by road, air of sea.

The logistics process is one of the most important links in the value chain. The consequences of beautiful products that are delivered late can be incalculable which can harm the relationship with the customer and product.

After years of experience we as NK Logistics, understand that reliability is the most important factor in logistical processes which determine the quality. That is why reliability is one of our mail objectives.